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In Groups: A Nocturnal Reviere, Paranoid Definition

Real Name: Evgeny

Location: Pskov (Russia)

At the moment of creation of a label I already had a site on which I spread the releases published on various independent labels. It is possible to tell, that the site was my gift to itself at date of a birth. Once I talked with Adam Crammond, the founder "proc-records", about its label and the general principles of the edition of releases. Here I have thought — why I not try? Adam has supported my idea and has there and then sent me two tracks which became the first release. "c4 - Pocket Rave". There was it on July, 1st, 2008.

Division to sublabels has occured in connection with a greater range of styles of releases — difficultly to combine a trance and noise. Appears sublabel "In Noize" for experimental music. Sublabel "Intox Live" for live sets, mixes, radioshow and video. First it were mixes from Buben, then there were videoclips and two releases of Gert's radioshow on the swiss "Radio Radius". To tell the truth, I do not consider myself as the musician. When I start creation of a track, I almost never do not have precise representation that will turn out as a result. As a rule, at me successful tracks not so often turn out. Probably, absence of music education affects. Sometimes I take part in joint projects. So have appeared "Paranoid Definition" and teamwork with other musicians. Now I work with austrian poetess Amenità above project "A Nocturnal Reviere".

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