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Sascha Müller

Sascha Müller

In Groups: Die Stereo-Typen

Real Name: Sascha Müller

Location: Uelsen (Germany)

Sascha Müller aka Pharmacom start his career with DJing and producing in 1990. He was inspired by projects like Kraftwerk, Tangerine Dream and stuff like Sven Väth played in his DJ sets. The musical style reaches from ambient chill out, house and techno music in his own special way. His way of producing is the use old analog equipment in the same way as the newest software in digital producing. The greatest thing for him is to create new soundcollagen and wicked samples for his tracks. As a DJ he played in several european locations and events like "Love Parade" and "Thunderdome". At the moment he is also playing as a VJ and is involved in multimedia productions with some other global video and grafic artists.

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