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Real Name: Arnaud Barbe

Location: Ivry-La-Bataille (France)

Pollux started making electronic music in the end of 2007 during a depressed period within his life with a track titled "Frustration", which is a mix of minimalist ambient indus sound & porn samples. His first EP was released on the "Dustin Must Die" netlabel simply titled "Sirona".  This album was composed with some elements from hardcore techno and ambient tracks.  As a reflection of his personality at the time, Pollux's electronic music was divided into both parts of his personality.
It was in the end of 2008, when he discovered the label "Proc-Records" and release an EP on it called "Version", that he came to the conclusion that his heart was dedicated to ambient / electronica music and the endless possibilities of expression it was able to provide. It became clear that this style of sound was what he really wanted to explore and felt it fully expressed the real part of what he was.
It was also around this time that he discovered the lobit movement. His first exposure to the style was with the album "Soma/Psyche" which was released on "Microbit-Records". Perpetuating his admiration and dedication to the lobit scene was the discovery of "8ravens" netlabel. It was then that he started to experiment with 8kbps sound, and debuted on a  split with Graffiti Mechanism & Kai Nobuko. From then on, he became an active member of the "Low Bitrate Community" and showed his interest in the movement by continuing to release low bitrate music, while also paying close attention to others who were active as well.

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