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Stella Nutella

Stella Nutella

Real Name: Hanna Flemström Coleman

Location: Bonässund (Sweden) / Kuala Lumpur (Singapore)

"The opportunity to be in the same room as Stella Nutella should not be passed up!"
(Rolling Stone Magazine)

DJ Stella Nutella hails from North Sweden, a place that breeds adventurous spirits. She has been DJ'ing since 1998 and played in over 30 countries. Spinning at all types of events, nightclubs, festivals, underground raves or 5-star hotels,  her style ranges from trance to techno, house or smooth lounge music... you name it! Never scared to mix things up, Stella is always up for experimentation and surprises.

Stella is based in Kuala Lumpur since 2006 and she has performed at most top venues in the city. For four years she's been the music consultant and resident DJ at one of the most popular clubs in KL, SkyBar located at the top of Traders Hotel in KLCC, and she also maintains her international career with rocking gigs in places like Tokyo, Singapore and Indonesia.

Stella is also the founder of an all-female DJ agency called "Amazon Agency", providing entertainment to some of the top brands in Asia and the Middle East (Mandarin Oriental, Shangri-La group, Taj, Sheraton). Together with ZOUK KL they have organised charity club events, raising money for Women's Aid Organisation ("party with a purpose").

Her earlier residences include Indochine (Kuala Lumpur/Singapore, and at WINK located in the venerable Taj President Hotel, Mumbai ( She is also recognised from her CD releases such as the compilation "Amazon"  (Turbo Trance Records) as well as her own tracks in several projects released on CD and vinyl (see listed below).

International Festival lineups:
DanceValley (NL)
Celebra Brasil (Brazil)
Vortex (South Africa)
Solipse Total Eclipse Festival (Zambia)
VOOV Experience (Germany)
Samothraki (Greece)
 ...This is where she played main stage sets to big crowds 'up to 10.000 people!

* Intox Noise Records (Russia): Stella Nutella - You are My Zero EP
* Sonic Vogue Records (Singapore): DjayPee & Nicky C - Kids (Stella Nutella Rmx)
* Bliss Records (USA) Stella Nutella, Stanley Arts and Saafi Connection - Rotosonic
* MellowJet Records (Germany) : Elektrohandel  - You in Me (Stella Nutella Rmx)
* Psytropic Records (Germany) : Stella Nutella & Psypilot - Pluto
* Waldfrieden Productions (Germany) : Lani & Stella Nutella - Different Colour
* AP Records (Germany) : Analog Pussy, Sally Doolally & Stella Nutella - Watching U
* Groove Zone (Japan): Chromosome & Stella Nutella - Le Groove
* Turbo Trance (France) : AMAZON CD compiled by Stella Nutella
* Organic Records (UK) : Chris Organic & Stella Nutella - Bass Porridge
* Rumour Records (UK) : Chris Organic & Stella Nutella - Chip Shop Chips/Labyrinth of the Mind

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