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Aliases: Maria Opale

Real Name: Jaana Palonen

Location: Tampere (Finland)

Valveuni is an electronic artist, who started to play keyboards at the age of four. Already as a child, she heard melodies in her head. She heard different tracks in the melodies and dreamed the moment she could record all those tracks she heard. When Valveuni was 15 years old, she started to compose pop songs. She recorded those songs with cassette player, playing keyboards and singing at the same time. When the computers came into music, Valveuni started to record her songs with Cakewalk sequencer. Now it was possible to record different tracks into one song and that was the great possibility in creating music.

Nowadays Valveuni is creating ambient and pop songs. Also she's making collaboration with spanish trance artist Iris Deejay. Beautiful utopia worlds are important to Valveuni. She's trying to catch the utopia in her music, as well as magical and mystical athmospheres.

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